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ストリートファッション イラストレーター 彩 | “Kawaii” exhibition in Shanghai
“Kawaii” exhibition in Shanghai

Office339 is pleased to announce the “Kawaii” exhibition in Shanghai.

A Japanese word “Kawaii” is internationally known in the fashion and anime industry.
It is an expression similar to cute or beautiful, but note quite.

This extremely useful word with nothing but positive expression connects to many of local cultures, and expanding towards some area which hasn’t reached yet, art.

In 2010, Seibu department store held an exhibitionand commended the artists for those who’s works represent and express Kawaii.
Unlike common event and exhibition held by those stores, this exhibition focused on not selling artworks or goods, but to promote Kawaii as a part of art. And for that reason, Kawaii culture is rediscovered in Japan.

In this exhibition presented by office399, items carefully selected from that exhibition by Mr. Osamu Watanabe, one of the representatives for Kawaii culture. The varieties of items include two dimensional and 3D-works, visuals and robotics, the essence of the Kawaii Art.

We are pleased to invite you to the opening party at 4pm on August 27th.

“Kawaii” exhibition in Shanghai

Opening Reception: Sat 27th of August 2011, 4pm – 6pm
Duration: 2011 8/26(Fri) – 9/4(Sun)

Artists: Osamu Watanabe • Katsunori Miyagi • Aran Yasuoka • mayu • Aki Yamamoto • Katsuhito Yamamoto • i k e d a a y a k o • Shota Ishiwatari • Naomi Kuga • Mayumi Kyue • Hideyuki MORI • Ryosuke Kosaka • Chisa Muraji • Mai Yamamoto • Asuka Mio/Azuchi Mio • Hideki Asou • Zane Mellupe

Organizer: Osamu Watanabe, SHINSEIDO HATANAKA
Co-organizer: Office339、Ohshima Fine Art、Yuka Sasahara Gallery

Venue: Office339 viewing space
Room 202, Building 3, No.50 Moganshan Rd. Shanghai, 200060, China

Tel/fax: + 86 21 6266 8151